Burnt Fingers

Waves in the sand laps over my feet, time and time again. Watching it is soothing, I just want to stand here forever looking over the ocean, watching the waves. I lie down in the sand instead and close my eyes, imagining he’s lying there beside me.
I had another dream last night, full of trains, adventures and dinosaurs but now it’s all so hazy and broken. Dreams bug me sometimes, when I can’t remember all the details but sometimes its nice to wake up just knowing you’ve dreamed about someone and close your eyes again to savour the lingering feeling.

So heres my summer challenge: how many days can I go without yelling at my parents or storming out of the house to avoid yelling at my parents 😀

current record: 7 days



I looked down in time to see a figure falling,  arm stretched out reaching upwards, eyes wide with shock, staring directly at me only for a moment before he was swallowed in the void. In that moment I felt everything. His pain, regret, sorrow, fear, anger all washed over me in an overwhelming wave. My eyes stung and vision blurred knowing it was I that brought this upon him.
“It wasn’t supposed to be this way,” I whispered to no one, “I’m sorry.”
Someone laughed. It was a cruel, wicked laugh that seemed to come from ever where and nowhere. I turned to face a dark figure who’s cloak seemed to be woven out of darkness itself interrupted by glowing silver runes. Though his face was hidden beneath a hood I could feel his smile as he stood there mocking me.
‘Humankind cannot gain anything without first giving something in return. To obtain, something of equal value must be lost.’ That is your rule is it not? You knew what the price would be when you started on this quest,” he chuckled. “Do you see now what happens when you through caution to the wind?”
At his words my sorrow turned to rage. I let out a cry as I charged towards him, feeling the sparks of electricity flit up and down my arms as I channeled my anger into a final spell. As I ran he stood unmoving patiently. I leaped up to cover the last few feet as a gust of wind blew back his hood to reveal his familiar grinning face.
“You?’ I gasped in shock, but it was too late.
A blinding white light filled my vision, then darkness.


What a strange dream.

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After being turned down a few times on skiing proposals, I took matters into my own hands and found the bay area ski bus. They take a  tour bus all the way up to Tahoe to deposit skiers who do not want to, or cannot, drive. Seemed like a good deal to me, except for getting to walnut creak at 5 in the morning, but we must make sacrifices for bits of fun. Everything was good till I got to the slopes where it was raining. Yup, raining up in Tahoe. Icy, windy, piercing cold. The bad kind if you don’t bring super waterproof cloths. Silly me, when they told me it might be a bit warm up there I packed lighter. So I got soaked. Through all layers of “waterproof” clothing. Added to that the snow was crunchy so it was hard to make turns so I found myself a road hazard more often than usual. Needless to say, not my best ski trip. Still, got some practice in so definitely not all bad.

It has been so long sense I’ve written here, but I had the sudden urge to change my layout.To make it bluer. Yes, I sat down at my desk and wanted to make my blog more blue…
Now this is not completely as  random as you might think. After a long, but relaxing, day of gaming and mini painting, I though I would turn in for the night. My bed apparently had different plans however as I found it lacking the necessary sheets and blankets. It was then I remembered that early that afternoon I had decided it was time to wash my bed spread. Foolish of me, really. So here I am messing with my blog and typing away  for another….2 min while I await my clean, dry sheets. See? its all very logical.

Also, on an even happier note, finals (or rather midterms) are finaly over! That means I can think of something other than school and getting into college, seeing as that is also finished. Or rather the college part is out of my hands. Farewell stress…..(I wish)


So school started again. I’m stressed and all out of wack from not sleeping much. Ug, I feel like a potato that got run over by a car then scoped off the ground and thrown agenst the wall for fun. I’m not even posting a picture. It would be of some zombie dressed up in a Japanese school uniform. Styner finaly fixed the air conditioning in his room though. Thats all I got to report. I’ll go to bed and stare at the ceiling till I fall asleep. Did’t happen last night. I’ll give sleep another chance though. See if we get along today.

JAPAN town

After what seems like a few months of waiting, I finally returned to Japan Town. Not much has changed really, besides of course the much talked about addition of a manga pay-to-read store. The massive amount of manga in there was tempting but I was reminded of the vast collection stored on the Internet for free. Compared to going rate there ($5 for the first hour then $1 for every hour after) the Internet gets my vote. The first hour of my visit was made a little more then mildly uncomfortable by an unusually bad headache. No squiggly worms or white holes in my vision this time fortunately. Anyways, did some shoping for school, got a cool knife and a awesome CD. Even got to eat yaki niku (super awesome good for anyone who hasn’t had it yet) not as good as the real Japan stuff though…

Almost got lost on the way home though cause Andrew refused to believe that the Powell bart station would be on Powell st. We walked halfway back to Japan Town on Geary before he admitted to not knowing where he was going. Meh, people and directions.

I am currently debating weather or not to buy FFIV for the DS. On one hand, its a FF game I don’t own and the cool graphics, on the other hand, I just finished it when I was in Japan and I have other games to work on. And voice acting…? Perhaps this is something better in Japanese? Hmmm, something to leave for a later date I’m thinking. Maybe after my next paycheck.


So I got called into work the other morning. To work. At 8. When I was sleeping. When I got there know what I had to do? Sort CDs. That’s right music CDs. Why you might ask? Because some one who quit left their CDs on their desk but other people though they theirs so most of them were missing and I had to track them all down. Weird but defiantly more fun then filing so whacha gonna do?

I’ve been taking public transport more and more recently and every time I go on a bus, I see someone I know. Every time. Its kinda cool.